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Apples or Pomegranates Porkbelly Press  2017

Arrow Songs  - Paper Nautilus Press  2017

Marco PoloHermeneutic Chaos Press  2016

Year of the Dogs -  Back to Print  2016


Selected Poetry Publications 

Absence Archive - The Baltimore Review 

How to Make a Doll Father; The Last Time I Saw My Father in Prison - Triquarterly 

The Good DaughterThe Pinch  

Elegy for the Almost Drowned; Observe the Horizon - South Dakota Review 

Constellation for the Butterflies; Constellation for a Small Scar The Florida Review 

Cartography of a Dead Man's RoomPleiades 

Cartography of a SkullThe Journal 

Cartography of a Labyrinth Mid-American Review 

The Birth of Venus; Museum of Naked Women; Venus in Art Therapy; Venus is Mummified; Venus Reconsiders EverythingConnotation Press: An Online Artifact 

Constellation for OpheliaTupelo Quarterly 

Cartography of a Missing Body; Cartography of a KeyholeUp North Lit 

Love as a Dangerous Word; Venus in Art Therapy; Hotel Eden -  Muzzle Magazine 

Constellation of a Missing GirlPhoebe Journal

Coronation: Sonnets I-XVPittsburgh Poetry Review 

Constellation with Red DwarfsDay One

Constellation in a Cornell Box - The Shallow Ends

Constellation with False MoonGlass: A Journal of Poetry

Tapestry with Drunken ElkSo to Speak

Tapestry with White Columns -  Sable Books Broadside

Tapestry with White ColumnsThoughtcrime Press' Not My President Anthology 

Constellation with Cherub Wings -  Tahoma Literary Review 

Preserved Embryos -  Midwestern Gothic 

Dear Dad -  CALYX Journal 

Night Swimming  - Print-Oriented Bastards

Confessions of a Childless WomanTupelo Quarterly

Peering Inside the Mouth of the Chicago RiverEvanston Public Library

Sonatas, Ovaries, and CystsStirring

Nipples, Ribs, and Helixes; Hymns, Mountains, and Dead Men -  Vinyl

Pork Butt and Ham Hock; Ashes, God, and Hour GlassesHermeneutic Chaos Journal

Top Hats and Puppets -  The Cleaver

Cinnamon, Cardamom, and My MomThe Whale

Wayang -  One

The Ways in Which the Body Lies -  Rogue Agent

Next Week on Game of ThronesTahoma Literary Review

Horizon with Origami Swans; Basses and Baritones; Crown of Thorns -  Shot Glass Journal

Heartworms and Handguns -  Amaryllis

Cocoon on the Moon: A GhazalUnsplendid

Prelude; Summer Crypt: A Ghazal; Etude -  Forth Magazine

A Lady’s Challenge: SonnetHEArt

Book Reviews

Fast by Jorie Graham - Fork & Page

The True Book of Animal Homes by Allison Titus- Green Mountains Review

Barbie Chang by Victoria Chang Fork & Page

Eye Level by Jenny Xie - Fork & Page

Ramshackle Ode by Keith Leonard - Fork & Page

Age of Glass by Anna Marie Hong - Green Mountains Review

Still Life with Two Dead Peacocks and a Girl by Diane Seuss - Fork & Page

Siren by Kateri Lanthier - Green Mountains Review

Calling a Wolf a Wolf by Kaveh Akbar - Fork & Page

Marvels of the Invisible by Jenny Molberg - Green Mountains Review

Forest Primeval by Vievee Francis - Fork & Page

Blackacre by Monica YounFork & Page

Cannibal by Safiya Sinclair -  Fork & Page

Thief of the Interior by Phillip B. Williams -  Fork & Page

Lesson on Expusion by Erika L. SanchezFork & Page

How the End Begins by Cynthia Cruz -  Fork & Page

Night Sky with Exit Wounds by Ocean Vuong -  Fork & Page

Rayfish by Mary Hickman -  Duende

Shields & Shards & Stiches & Songs, by Dan Beachy-Quick -  Duende

The Darkening Trapeze, by Larry Levis -  Gloom Cupboard


Interview with Kate Daniels - Meridian

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